Fused Glass
in Scotland

About Us

Kathryn Neale grew up in the magnificent Scottish countryside which inspired her passion for art.

The Edinburgh College of Art is where Kathryn honed her skilled and where she graduated with a BA hons in Glass ad Architectural Glass. This started her on the path to her successful business. Glass by Kathryn was founded in 2007. Kathryn owes a lot of her success to the huge amount of support and encouragement she received from her family, especially her late granddad.

Her studio and shop is situated amongst farmlands near the Lomond Hills, in Fife. This area of tranquility and awesome views of the land to the Firth of Fourth is the perfect location. Kathryn’s work varies dramatically from delicate jewellery to large chunky panels and bowls. Colour, light and texture are very important to her work and inspirations have come from research into the Bauhaus movement, with particular interest in the works of Kandinsky and Klee.

Creating handmade kiln formed glass; Kathryn offers a versatile folio of applications for interiors. Wall mounted panels, door and window panels, and garden sculptures are just some possibilities. Her painterly style creates visually striking pieces, which cast beautiful reflections in response to changing light. Fused glass offers a contemporary alternative to more traditional stained glass designs.

Kathryn’s work reflects her love of simple but bold design, incorporating abstract contemporary shapes and organic natural motifs. . Kathryn says, “My passion for glass, combined with an intuitive style of working with colour is reflected in all my work.”